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Shannon Mining Services
Heavy Plant and Mining Machinery
Heavy Plant and Mining Machinery Sales

About Us

With our experience acquired over the years in the mining industry, Shannon Mining Services Ltd was the first to undertake soft mining at Adamus Resources-Nzema Project in Ghana.

(Our equipment depot and workshops based in Takoradi)

It involved Mining Excavations, Haulage of fresh waste and ore and mining access roads construction. In 2010 and 2011 we were engaged in contract mining for Ghana Rae-Gold ltd. Currently (from October 2015 till Date), SMS is executing and Load and Haul Mining Contract at Adamus Resources-Nzema Mine.


Shannon Mining’s range of bulldozers affords us the opportunity to efficiently and effectively undertake all kinds of civil works including land clearing of vegetation for pre-stripping, access road construction for mining etc.

Our range of Excavators and Heavy Duty Mining Tipper Trucks enable us to undertake excavation of material. Where large Heavy Trucks and excavators find it difficult and uncomfortable to work, for instance in the swampy and very wet ground, Shannon’s medium range of equipment provides excellent services.

On big high hills, where road gradients are very steep at initial stages of mining, our ranges of trucks provide comfortable and safe alternatives for pre-stripping.


The supporting facilities for the Plant and Equipment include:

  • Motorola communication system that affords the luxury of a constant and effective communication facility on our sites.
  • Site Workshop and Service trucks
  • Heavy duty lorry-bed to transport equipment.
  • Fuel truck to deliver fuel to equipment
  • Adequate rented accommodation is always provided for the site employees whenever contracts are secured.